Elon Musk officially speaks against supporting Ukraine

A discussion held by Musk and Republicans on X. Photo: Elon Musk/X

During a forum on X Spaces, Elon Musk said “there is no way in hell” that Russian President Vladimir Putin could lose the war on Ukraine, meaning US has to stop providing Ukraine with assistance,

That is according to Bloomberg.

“This spending does not help Ukraine. Prolonging the war does not help Ukraine,” Elon Musk said about the $95.3 billion bill that provides further assistance to Ukraine.

The discussion included long-time opponents of assistance for Ukraine as the state continues its battle against Russian invasion, including Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, JD Vance of Ohio and Mike Lee of Utah, Vivek Ramaswamy, a former Republican presidential candidate, and David Sacks, a co-founder of Craft Ventures LLC.

“We gotta kill this thing,” Vance said about the package.

Musk suggested that Americans contacted their elected representatives about the Ukraine bill.

Space X owner has previously hinted at his views on the war, reposting Republicans’ opinions and arguments against $60 billion aid to Ukraine with and without mentioning the border security issue. He also made some very straightforward statements himself.

At the same time, Musk told the senators he had been accused of being a Putin apologist, which is, in his opinion, “absurd.” He said his companies “have probably done more to undermine Russia than anything,” reminding SpaceX provides Starlink internet service to Ukraine. While it is true, Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence is convinced Russia now also uses Starlinks thanks to Arab countries.

Musk makes his claim as the Senate passes the aid package for Ukraine and other allies, and the House of Representatives promises not to take it up for a vote when it arrives there.

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