Elon Musk calls Ukrainian journalists ‘terrorists’

Elon Musk accusing Ukrainian journalism agency of terrorism. Photo: screenshot/X

Ukrainian independent journalism agency ‘Texty.org.ua’ issued investigation on the Kremlin propaganda in the US and Americans opposing providing aid for Ukraine and got attacked by Elon Musk on X.

Elon Musk, known for his passion for freedom speech, somehow came up with an idea that the Ukrainian media agency should be “added to the list of sanctioned terrorist organizations” after it had analyzed what public figures and organizations disapproved support for Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war and/or contirubuted to false narratives about the war in their work “Roller Coaster: From Trumpists to Communists, Who and How They Advocate for Ending Support to Ukraine.”

Musk was also mentioned in the research by Texty.org.ua.

The agency started facing pressure and threats for creating a “hate list” of Americans after the director of the Ron Paul Institute, Daniel McAdams, posted about the research on X and wrote an article on his Institute’s website.

“On the same day, the manipulative information shared on the Ron Paul Institute’s website was disseminated on social media platform X by other conservative outlets, ultra-right and left-wing American activists, attacking both the Texty editorial team and the authors of the article personally, even issuing threats,” claims the team of Texty.org.ua in its official statement published on June 13.

The agency has rejected the idea that their research targeted anyone as ‘enemies of Ukraine’ or urged to prosecute anyone, pointing out the need to preserve the freedom of speech.

“We do not label the subjects of this research as enemies of Ukraine, nor do we dispute or condemn their right to freedom of expression. We merely state the fact that they oppose support for Ukraine and that many of their arguments resonate with Russian propaganda narratives about Ukraine. We value and respect freedom of speech, a prerequisite for a democratic society. We reserve the right to present evidence, state facts, debunk false arguments, and compare them with those propagated by Russian propaganda worldwide,” Texty.org.ua emphasized.

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