Education ministry told about holding of the external independent testing in 2021


In 2021 the External independent testing of knowledge (EIT) will be held in spite of the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry of Education and Science has developed four ways to hold the EIT depending on the situation in the country. Deputy minister of education and science for European integration issues Andrii Vitrenko told this to UATV.

“The experience of holding the EIT in 2020 showed that there were no outbreaks of coronavirus disease after the assessment was held. Everyone strictly adhered to the rules, i.e. social distancing, masks, washing hands. We are thoroughly selecting the premises to hold the EIT for everyone to feel comfortable”, – deputy minister noted.

At the same time Vitrenko added that passing of the EIT is not obligatory for those graduates who are not going to enter the universities.

“In case a school graduate is not planning to enter university or continue education he or she has to only pass final examination. However, no final examination will be held this year. Their results will depend on grades a student received during the year” – he added.