Tsunami in Indonesia Kills 832 People

Photo from mirror.co.uk

An earthquake and tsunami killed at least 832 people at Sulawesi island in Indonesia.

On Saturday, it was reported at 384, but authorities continue to find new bodies under collapsed buildings and the final count could number in the thousands.

A powerful earthquake, which measured 7.5 on the Richter scale caused a tsunami as high as 6-meters on Friday.

The tsunami swept away houses in Palu and Donggala. It came to shore after local authorities had already reported that the danger had passed, BBC reported.

Along with the dead, over five hundred people were seriously injured. Many people are still missing.

Hundreds of stricken people have been looting supermarkets and petrol stations amid an acute shortage of water, food and fuel.

“There has been no aid, we need to eat. We don’t have any other choice, we must get food,” one man shouted.

According to Indian Express, disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said the rescue efforts have been extremely difficult after Sulawesi’s capital city, Palu, was plunged into darkness and its communication lines broken.