Dniester PSP will be the largest in Europe – Shmyhal

Photo: kmu.gov.ua

Today, on August 17, the fourth unit of the hydraulic storage power plant was launched at the Dniester PSP in Chernivtsi region. After the construction is completed, the station will become the largest in Europe, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal during the opening of the unit, UA reports.

“Once completed, it will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Europe and the sixth in the world, which is also very important in terms of preserving the environment and replacing energy generation with alternative and renewable energy sources” – said the Prime Minister.

Construction of the PSP began two years ago. The system will reduce energy consumption and distribute the load depending on consumption. They plan to build at least three more power units.

“I hope this will also provide additional security for our energy network, when excess night energy will actually be processed by this unit and later – at peak loads will come back into the grid” – said the Prime Minister.

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