Dictatorship cannot ensure economic growth in Russia, Putin will not find resources for war – opinion

Serhii Fursa. Screenshot: uatv.ua

A dictatorship cannot ensure economic growth in Russia, and sanctions against the country are constantly being strengthened. At the same time, resources in the Russian Federation are being reduced. Financier Sergei Fursa stated this on the FREEDOM TV channel. He also commented on the termination of servicing Russian accounts by banks from China, Turkey, and the UAE.

“Resources are being reduced and, accordingly, the ability of the same dictator to wage war is being reduced. We have heard a lot from Putin that he will double defense spending. But if we look at December-January, which we just passed, and compare it with December-January last year, then, in fact, Russian budget expenditures decreased by 30%, taking into account inflation. This is an indicator that resources are not unlimited, but due to sanctions and war they are being reduced. And Putin cannot resist the West in the long term,” comments the broadcast guest.

Fursa emphasized that both Ukraine and Russia have now spent approximately the same amount on the war.

“But Putin cannot increase this check, and Ukraine’s check is completely dependent on the West, and the Western economy is collectively 25 times larger than the Russian economy. Thus, America and Europe can easily increase this check for the cost of war even twice and will not feel it at all. Putin will not have anything to answer,” the economist explained.

Fursa added that dictatorships have limited resources and cannot ensure economic growth in the long term.

“Especially in the modern world. Because in the modern economy, the main profit comes from human capital. But when you have a dictatorship, your freedom is immediately limited. In limited freedom, people realize themselves worse and, as a result, the economy grows less,” added the guest of the broadcast.

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