Destroys targets on the ground, in the air and at sea: what are the features of the F-16 aircraft and how can it help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the expert explained

The F-16 fighter is the most acceptable aircraft for Ukraine, which will significantly enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian Air Force. This opinion was expressed by the expert of the Center for Defense Strategies, Captain 1st Rank of the Reserve of the Ukrainian Navy Andriy Ryzhenko on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

According to the expert, now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed with MiG-29, Su-27, Su-24 aircraft, which were produced in the Soviet Union. And they are significantly inferior to those aircraft that the Russian Federation is working on for us.

“During this time they were able to develop a family of new aircraft that surpass them both in terms of performance and weapons – this is the first. Secondly, we have few planes left, because we had losses both in the first days and during these 11 months, they just need to be replenished. Thirdly, according to the classification, we have such a light fighter – the MiG-29 and a more powerful aircraft – the Su-27, but their range of the first is up to 200 km, the second – 350 km. The combat radius of the F-16 aircraft is 600 kilometers, in the modification that I saw – 680 km, ”Ryzhenko explained.

This aircraft can perform the tasks of both a fighter and an attack aircraft. It carries the whole range of weapons both for striking land and sea targets, as well as for combat in the air, the guest added.

“It can be integrated into the Link system, which is very important. We don’t have access to this yet, but it’s just a very big difference between Western and Russian or former Soviet aircraft. That is, there the pilot takes off, he begins to turn his head, look for targets. In Western aircraft, it connects to this Link system, and it is given data on all possible targets that are in its flight area. He evaluates and approves these proposals, and gives the command to use weapons. That is, the decision-making process itself is greatly simplified, and it becomes much more efficient,” Ryzhenko explained.

The F-16 aircraft is the most acceptable for Ukraine, the expert believes.

“It is now used in many countries. But the only thing that may stop American politicians is that it will be used against Russia. It’s the same story as with the Leopard tanks. But sooner or later, I think, when they observe what is happening in Ukraine, this missile terror, the destruction of the population, the destruction of cities, the economy, then, in principle, the need to obtain such equipment is understandable, ”said Ryzhenko.

He also stressed that for the retraining of Ukrainian pilots, given that they already have a lot of experience, they do not start from scratch, it takes much less time if they would start without this experience.

“It’s probably a few months. And, indeed, now there is already a group of them, who know English. This issue, I think, will be resolved, and this will significantly strengthen our capabilities both in defense and in the offensive, ”Ryzhenko concluded.

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