Deshchytsia: Poland preparing second package of military aid for Ukraine

Photo Facebook of Andriy Deshchytsia

The adoption of resolutions in support of Ukraine by both chambers of the Poland’s Parliament testifies to the unity of Polish politicians towards Ukraine. Poland also prepares the second package of military-technical assistance for Ukraine.

“It is very important that the Sejm and the Senate almost unanimously passed resolutions in support of Ukraine. Polish political parties are united in support of Kyiv,” Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Andriy Deshchytsia told Ukrinform in a comment.

He stressed that apart from the practical assistance that Poland already provides to Ukraine, there is a strong voice of Polish parliamentarians in support of Ukraine and their readiness to defend Ukraine’s interests at the level of inter-parliamentary cooperation with other countries.

According to Deshchytsia, the issue of Poland’s supply of “next batch of military-technical assistance and defensive weapons” is currently being discussed in Ukraine.

He clarified that a decision has already been made on the first batch of military aid to Kyiv, so the next one is being prepared. “These weapons may differ from those delivered in the first batch,” the diplomat said.

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As reported, the Polish Senate unanimously adopted a resolution to support Ukraine in the light of Russia’s aggressive actions, calling for political, financial, and military assistance to Kyiv. Earlier, on January 27, a similar resolution was passed by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

On February 1, Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki paid a visit to Kyiv. Prior to the visit, the Polish side stated it would supply ammunition, portable anti-aircraft missile systems, and drones to Ukraine.