Decisions on sending expeditionary forces from NATO countries to Ukraine can be made following the results of the Global Peace Summit, – opinion

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NATO troops in Ukraine would significantly strengthen the combat capabilities of the Defense Forces, but it is unlikely that the current track of military-technical cooperation implies such a development of the situation. This opinion was expressed on the FREEDOM TV channel by military expert Vladislav Seleznev.

“Of course, strengthening the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army would be very, very significant if we received the corresponding contingents of our Western partner countries as part of the actions of the Ukrainian army. Although I have quite serious skepticism on this issue. Why? Because the current track of military-technical cooperation does not imply such an optimistic development of the situation,” he said.

Seleznev is convinced that individual representatives of NATO member countries are providing Ukraine with expert assistance on equipment and weapons on the spot.

“Some expert assistance in preparing equipment and weapons works quite well. French President Emmanuel Macron hints at this. As a matter of fact, the information that I use is obtained mainly from open sources; here I am unlikely to give away some kind of state-level secret. In any case, it is obvious that there is technology, there is equipment that requires very meticulous maintenance and appropriate adjustment. And that’s why I’m sure there are specialists,” the expert said.

He recalled that the Alliance’s training missions were in Ukraine even before the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

“This means that this experience for the Ukrainian Defense Forces is not unique and new. This is absolutely normal practice. Therefore, when we talk about the incredible, unforeseen happening, military specialists from countries that are members of the North Atlantic Alliance appeared on the territory of Ukraine, I don’t see any “theory of betrayal” here. After all, it is absolutely obvious that the Ukrainian army now provides a secure perimeter for the eastern part of the European continent. If in this process our Western partners help us not only with equipment, weapons and ammunition, but also with technical personnel, it seems to me that this is an absolutely rational approach,” Seleznev said.

He emphasized that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, in order to increase the combat capabilities of the Russian army, is actively using the help of the countries of the “axis of evil” – North Korea, Iran, and so on, and also attracts representatives of the countries of the African continent and the countries of the Middle East as mercenaries.

Seleznev did not rule out that any decisions regarding sending expeditionary forces from NATO member countries to Ukraine will most likely be made following the results of the Global Peace Summit, which is to be held in June.

“I think that it is the results of this summit that will most likely be transformed into some progress in terms of the direction of the corresponding expeditionary forces,” the expert said.

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Let us remind you that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that he has a positive attitude towards the initiative of his French colleague Emmanuel Macron on the possible sending of military personnel to Ukraine. French military personnel, according to the Ukrainian president, could train Ukrainians, participate in mine clearance, and also repair French military equipment.