Ukraine celebrated the Day of National Unity

The largest flag in Odessa was raised on the square in front of the old airport. The flagpole is fifty meters high. It was installed last year, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. After the flag was raised, the military band played the national anthem. It also sounded from the windows of neighboring buildings. More than a hundred Odessa residents joined the celebration. They all came with Ukrainian symbols.

SERGIY GRYNEVETSKY, Head of Odessa Regional State Administration

The position of Ukraine today is – there is a fight for Ukraine. That means we should be dignified, we should be consolidated in order to win in this fight

On the Day of Unity in Kharkiv the national flag also was raised. It flutters at a height of one hundred meters – the highest flagpole in Ukraine. Officials, volunteers, servicemen and cadets gathered at the ceremony. On the day of the consolidation of Ukrainians, flags were raised not only in all districts of Kharkiv, but also in each territorial community.

OLEG SINEGUBOV, Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration

We are ready for any scenario, but I want to reassure our citizens, our residents, that there are no preconditions for unrest at the moment, this is just a hybrid war waged by our enemy.

Accompanied by a military band, a yellow and blue canvas is raised to a height of 72 meters in Dnipro. At the same time on the ground, cadets of the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stretch a flag measuring 9 by 12 meters. This is how the earth and the sky are symbolically united. 

KARINA ROMANENKO, cadet of the military department

In difficult times, we must all be together. There must be something that unites us. And everyone should understand that only together we can overcome all difficulties.

Hundreds of people joined the event. The anthem of Ukraine was performed on the streets all over the town, all over the country.