Cyber-Security Situation Centre appeared in Ukraine

This is reported by the press center of the SSU.

In 2017 the Security Service of Ukraine received technical equipment and software for the Centre’s operations within the framework of the first stage of the implementation of the agreement on the NATO-Ukraine Cyber Security Trust Fund.

“Last year, the Service specialists identified and prevented more than fifty various cyber-attacks. Some of them could have caused more damage than the famous “Petya-A”, – said Hrytsak.

The principal direction of cyber-attacks is aimed at systems and objects of critical infrastructure of our country, government and banking institutions. Employees of the Service have established the Russian origin of the recent large-scale cyberattacks, mainly because the Russian special services have made Ukraine a proving ground for practicing carrying out hacker attacks on other countries.

“We and our foreign partners are clearly aware that it is impossible to counteract Russian aggression in cyberspace effectively without cooperation and exchange of experience”, – said the SSU Head. He expressed gratitude to the NATO office representative for the support provided.

Key features of the Centre will be the Cybercrime Detection and Response System and the Computer Criminology Lab. They allow preventing cyberattacks, establishing their origin and analyzing them to improve countermeasures. With the support of the international community a network of situational Cybersecurity Centres with main Kyiv-based Centre will be created in Ukraine.

The fundamental aspect of the work of the Situation Centre will be its willingness to cooperate with all cybersecurity-providing subjects: institutions, organizations, enterprises and specialized professionals.

The Situation Centre is ready to provide the necessary protection not only to objects of critical infrastructure objects, state institutions and enterprises.

“Any representative of large, medium and even small business can contact the center for advice and assistance,” – said the Head of the SSU.