COVID certificates in Ukraine: how to get a document


The summer season is in full. Ukrainians choose between domestic resorts and rest in other countries. If you plan a trip abroad, you will need a COVID certificate. The document has already been officially introduced in Ukraine, UA informs.

The Netherlands and Austria have already opened their borders for tourists. A certificate of vaccination will be necessary. Ukrainian diplomats are negotiating at all levels on the mutual recognition of the document.

In order to relax abroad during a pandemic without unnecessary problems, experts advise to go to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and familiarize with the entry requirements for the country where tourists plan to travel.

Ukrainians can get COVID certificate from a family doctor, if they have full vaccination, as well as, through the “Diia” application.

“Now this function in “Diia” is working in test mode, and for those who have completed the full course of vaccination. Accordingly, if a person is vaccinated, then the data is submitted to the electronic health system. In this case a request should be made through “Diia”. The application is synchronized with the electronic system, gets data from there and forms an appropriate certificate”, – explained Roman Rodyna, General Director of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine.

More than 11 000 people have already sent an application for a certificate.

Ukrainian COVID-certificate meets a single European standard and will be valid for 180 days from the date of registration.

“The COVID certificates that will be issued in Ukraine have been included in the European certificate repository. That is, their content will correspond to what is now accepted in the European Union. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to conclude bilateral agreements with different countries. Work is being carried out with absolutely all countries,” – said the head of the center.

Meanwhile, experts do not predict an outbreak of coronavirus in the near future, but recommend getting vaccinated. Even if a trip abroad is not included in one’s plans.

“We are registering a decrease in the incidence rate, and it is stable for quite a long time. Now it is summer period. More people are in the fresh air, the rooms are better ventilated – the risk of getting sick decreases. However, we should not forget about anti-epidemic measures” – Oksana Koshalko, Head of the Department of Surveillance Organization notes

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