Corruption has become an integral part of the state apparatus in Russia, – opinion

In Moscow. Photo:

Corruption not only exists in Russia, but is so entrenched that it has become an integral part of its functioning. This is already a natural element of the system, which penetrates into various areas, including government spending and military projects. Russian opposition politician, member of the Council of the Congress of People’s Deputies Alexander Osovtsov spoke about this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“Corruption in the modern Russian government will not decrease, will not slow down, will not be established at any certain stable level, it cannot. The nature of this power is based, in particular, on the fact that any official is allowed to steal and steals. This is a law that cannot be evaded,” he said.

According to him, it is from government spending that it is easiest for Russian officials to steal.

“It is easier for them to operate with these financial flows, which they deal with as if they were their own, than to negotiate kickbacks with private businesses. In the case of government funding, no agreements with anyone are needed,” Osovtsov noted.

The oppositionist emphasized that in Russia there is also theft of money in the military-industrial complex, in particular, in the production of Iranian Shahed-type drones.

“Why is this drone in Russia much more expensive to produce than in Iran? Not because in Russia workers’ wages are higher or materials are more expensive. No. They simply steal in the production of drones just like in everything else. Every penny that is spent on the war is divided between the costs of murder and the costs of officials,” summed up Alexander Osovtsov.

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