China tries to compromise Peace Summit in Switzerland, activates lobbying of its peace plan, – Reuters

China's leader Xi Jinping. Photo: Emmanuel Macron/X

According to Reuters, Chinese authorities seek to demonise the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland on the eve of the event, promoting their 10-point plan instead.

“In conversations with developing nations, China has not overtly criticised the Swiss summit or directly asked countries to abstain, the Beijing-based diplomats told Reuters.But one who was briefed on the outreach said Beijing has told developing nations the meeting would prolong the war, while two diplomats with direct knowledge of the matter said China has been telling Western nations that many developing countries are aligned with its views on the conference,” reads the article.

One of the diplomats, cited by Reuters, called China’s behaviour a “subtle boycotte” of the Global Peace Summit.

“China sincerely hopes that a peace conference will not turn into a platform used to create bloc confrontation. Not attending it does not mean not supporting peace,” Chinese Foreign Ministry commented on the media report.

It is known that China refused to attend the Global Peace Summit due to Russia’s absence though Ukraine and the allies put a lot of efforts into talking China into the summit.

Later, President Zelenskyy claimed that China aimed at helping Russia derail the peace talks initiated by Ukraine.

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