China is closely monitoring Russia’s war against Ukraine, but cannot radically influence the Kremlin,”- expert opinion

Andriy Veselovsky. Photo:

Vladimir Putin visited China and held talks with Xi Jinping. The outcome of the visit is vague and not public. Joint statements are restrained and diplomatic. In the issue of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the People’s Republic of China acts as an observer who calls for peace, but cannot radically influence the Russian Federation. This opinion was expressed on air by the FREEDOM TV channel, advisor to the director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, diplomat Andriy Veselovsky.

“Russia, under the leadership of Putin and his clique, intends to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainianness as such. This is why aggressive war is being waged. The People’s Republic of China is closely monitoring this process. She doesn’t like him, she doesn’t agree with him, but she cannot radically influence the Kremlin’s positions. And therefore, to one degree or another, it either supports, or suspends, slows down as much as possible. It was not in vain that China said very clearly that no use of nuclear weapons is possible in our time,” he said.

Russia is trying to lure China to its side, but China prefers to have a neutral status.

“We see the ongoing game that Russia is playing in China, trying to pull it as close to its position as possible. China remains a great and powerful island, and Russia and its actions are of secondary and sometimes even strategic importance,” the expert noted.

To bring China out of its neutral position, the Ukrainian leadership is trying in every possible way to attract China to the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland. After all, most countries of the world and political movements realize that Russia’s war against Ukraine negatively affects not only economic and political processes, but also the global world order.

“In general, most countries in the world, most political movements in the world understand that Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine is evil, a violation of the world order, which is harmful to economic development and the social condition of society. The main task of the Global Peace Summit, which is convened in Switzerland, is to explain what is really happening. But in fact, the existing world order is being eliminated, when states cannot live peacefully with each other, and large countries encroach on the territory of smaller ones, killing their population. If today’s Russian aggression against Ukraine is not stopped and condemned, the same thing could happen in any other place where a larger state wants to lay claim to a smaller one and the tragedy will repeat itself,” Veselovsky explained.

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