395 People Arrested at Notting Hill Carnival in Britain

Photo from Daily Mail

British police officers detained 395 people in London during the annual Notting Hill Carnival. Some 30 police officers were injured during the carnival. Also, one person was wounded from a stabbing.

The number of this year’s detentions exceeded last year’s, European Truth reported.

Scotland Yard said that during a two-day, Sunday-Monday event of August 6-7, 395 people were detained, at least 37 knives were seized, as well as a corrosive substance, a metal bar, and a taser.

Scotland Yard also officially released the order allowing the police forces to stop and search anyone without the need for reasonable suspicion during both days of the west London event.

People were detained for various reasons: on suspicion of an attack on the police, drug-related crimes, possession of weapons and sexual violence.