Canada sends over 200 military members to the UK to train Ukrainian soldiers: revival of the UNIFIER army training mission

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Reznikov commented on this decision:

“Canada restarts Operation Unifier – up to 225 Canadian service members are being deployed to the UK to train Ukrainian troops. With your help, our soldiers will become an unstoppable force.”

Canada will resume the UNIFIER military training mission by sending military trainers to Britain to help teach Ukrainian soldiers.

Canada’s Minister of Defense Anita Anand stated at a press conference in Toronto.

“We are fulfilling our promise to resume large-scale training under Operation Unifier,” she said.

According to Anand, up to 225 Canadian military members will go to the U.K. to train new Ukrainian military recruits.

The first group of 90 military members will leave for the UK next week.

The Canadian Ministry of Defense clarified that the initial duration of the mission is up to four months, but it can be extended if necessary.

“The first Canadian-led courses will take place at a military base located in South East England, and they will teach a flexible curriculum focused on individual skills required for front-line combat, including weapons handling, battlefield first aid, fieldcraft, patrol tactics, and the Law of Armed Conflict,” – Anand said.

At the end of January 2022, Canada announced a three-year extension and significant expansion of its UNIFIER military training mission in Ukraine. Still, with the start of a full-scale Russian invasion, all Canadian instructors left the territory of Ukraine.

As reported, the United Kingdom has offered to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian service members to help fight against Russian invaders.

Moreover, the United Kingdom has a long history of supporting Ukrainian military personnel as part of Operation ORBITAL. During this operation, 22,000 Ukrainians were trained from 2015 to 2022. The new program will build on this success and demonstrate the UK’s continued leadership in responding to Ukraine’s military requirements as the war evolves.

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