Bakhmut’s heroes did the impossible – they defeated the enemy and his potential as much as possible – spokesman of the Eastern Group of Forces

Bakhmut’s heroes did the impossible, they knocked out the offensive potential of the Russian invaders and bled them to death. Russia spent all its reserves in Bakhmut. With the strengthening of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, resisting the occupiers will no longer be a thing. Today, May 25, the spokesman of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Serhiy Cherevaty, said this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“Bakhmut’s heroes accomplished their main task — they defeated the enemy’s potential, in particular, they destroyed the bandits from Wagner.” And when we are ready, our forces and reserves, because the offensive battle is the most difficult and the most costly in terms of casualties, the more exhausted the enemy, the more damage is done to him in terms of combat power and morale, the easier it is to knock him out, and the less you bear the sacrifices as the advancing party. Therefore, the heroes of Bakhmut did the impossible – they defeated the enemy as much as possible and defeated his potential,” he said.

According to the speaker, the defense potential of the Russian regular army in the Eastern direction is not very high, as the Kharkiv operation showed.

“That’s why I say, it’s very important that they are tattered, beaten, bled and de-energized, so to speak. And the point is that now they are dealt with by a more or less stable group, we have, of course, rotational processes, but they are not huge, they are small, point-by-point as necessary. And, in fact, they were exhausted by one team, let’s say that. And when fresh forces arrive, they will already have very little such a reserve to replenish their forces, because they threw everything they could into this furnace,” Cherevaty noted.

Ukrainian defenders are trying to press the Russian invaders on the flanks near Bakhmut.

“They are raising units of the regular army. These are airborne, motorized rifle in their terminology, infantry, some other units. They also, unfortunately, Prigozhin lied about the ammunition famine, as usual, so his statements should always be treated very carefully. They still have opportunities in the directions where they are concentrating their efforts to deliver quite powerful blows, as we said today, 332 times in this direction the enemy used different types of artillery. But for more than a year of fighting, the enemy has not shown anything new,” Cherevaty stated.

He emphasized that the Defense Forces of Ukraine know how to counter. The counter-battery struggle is ongoing. Ukrainian gunners are trying to find and destroy means of defeating the enemy.

“They, of course, try our best, so, let’s say, there is always such a competition. But our servicemen began to use unmanned systems much more, earlier and with more experience. And that’s why they get better, better quality. Although there are fewer shells, the targets are more accurately hit. In particular, thanks to many more high-precision projectiles and means of observation, means of intelligence, which we receive either thanks to volunteers or Western partners, we use them to the maximum, 100%,” Serhiy Cherevaty added.

Ukraine has one of the best schools of military engineers and sappers in the world. Overcoming the obstacles built by the occupiers will not be a problem for the Armed Forces, the speaker concluded.