Avdiivka fulfilled the plan to destroy elite Russian units, – speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South”

Serhii Bratchuk. Screenshot: uatv.ua

The decision to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Avdiivka was correct, although difficult, because this city in the Donetsk region has become quite media-rich. The operation itself was clearly planned. This assessment was given by the speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South” Serhii Bratchuk on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“This, I would say, on the one hand, is a classic operation, and on the other hand, a very difficult task – to save the lives of fighters and carry out this operation for a clear exit from Avdiivka, which could be surrounded, which is what the Russian occupiers dreamed of. But this did not happen… The decision is absolutely correct, the decision is absolutely correct. Moreover, we entered positions that were determined in advance. Thank you for making such decisions despite the difficulties and information pressure that surrounded Avdiivka. But the decision was made and, most importantly, implemented,” commented the guest of the broadcast.

In his opinion, the Avdiivka garrison more than fulfilled its task during the many-month defense of the city.

“Avdiivka carried out its plan to destroy elite Russian units. Let’s remember that it was the elite Russian units that were deployed to the Avdiivka direction in order to capture the city as quickly as possible and report to the Kremlin that the clinic in Avdiivka is already under the control of the Russian Federation… More fighting continues, but the main The mission of the Avdiivka garrison has been completed for today, fulfilled with honor,” said Sergei Bratchuk.

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As previously reported, Ukrainian troops left the city of Avdiivka, Donetsk region, to avoid encirclement, in order to preserve the life and health of military personnel.