Massive Factory Fire in Australia

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It may take four days for firefighters in Melbourne, Australia to finally put out a factory fire that has unleashed a plume of black smoke visible for several kilometers.

“The focus has been trying to protect the neighboring buildings, preventing further buildings from catching on fire, before we focused on trying to extinguish the fire,” fire chief Greg Leach said.

Some 30 firetrucks and 140 firefighters have been battling the blaze, whose cause has not yet been determined. Meanwhile, most residents near the Woodscray factory are remaining in their homes with the windows closed, attempting to avoid the smoke, which reportedly smells something like nail polish.

Local firefighters said that this incident, which began around 5 a.m. on Wednesday, is one of the worst fires Melbourne’s ever seen. Today, 50 schools and childcare centers are closed, even as sporadic explosions continue at the factory, where canisters of paint and aerosols are believed to have been stored.