Any “peace initiatives” of individual countries are an attempt to raise their authority, – expert

Ukraine has become one of the centers of world politics, therefore any “peace initiatives” of individual countries are an attempt to raise their authority and score points. For example, for China, the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine creates major economic problems — the PRC is interested in an overland trade corridor to the EU. Vyacheslav Potapenko, head of the Center for Domestic Political Studies of the National Institute of Strategic Studies, said this on the FREEDOM TV channel today, June 4.

“Today, Ukraine has become one of the centers of world politics. And making efforts towards Ukraine, i.e. even just visits, any activity around the Ukrainian state and initiatives regarding the peace plan, is an opportunity for individual political leaders and countries to declare themselves as states that decide something in the world. This is, first of all, an attempt to raise one’s authority, so to speak,” said the political scientist.

He reminded that China was particularly active in this direction. The PRC is trying to position itself as a world power pole to be reckoned with, which puts forward its own initiatives.

“They launched the initiative of shuttle diplomacy, when their representative travels to European countries, to Ukraine, to the Russian Federation. In this way, China scores points. Basically, Brazil and Indonesia do the same. They have their own political goals, a claim, if not for world leadership, then for a serious role in the world,” Potapenko noted.

He also stressed that Russia’s war against Ukraine has become an event that creates many problems in the chains of food and raw material security in the world. In particular, it creates problems in the context of trade between China and the European Union.

“The war started as a result of the aggression of the Russian Federation. And in fact, all land borders of Russia and Belarus are now closed for trade contacts. It also creates big economic problems for China. That is why the special representative of China paid a lot of attention to the European Union. China is keenly interested in an alternative land corridor for the supply of goods to the European Union,” Potapenko added.

The expert emphasized that the point of the peace formula “Ukraine within the borders of 1991” is the basis for the further development of events, all civilized countries agree with this.

“One of the main points of Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s peace plan is the return of all territories of Ukraine within the 1991 year. This is a point that is clearly defended by all representatives of Ukraine at all international platforms. And this position is the basis for the further development of events,” Potapenko summarized.