Any attempt to make concessions to Putin only leads to escalation – Feigin

Photo Ukrinform

Any concession to Vladimir Putin lead to stronger pressure from Russia. Russian opposition politician Mark Feigin stated this on air of the ‘Ukraine in fact’ program of the UA TV channel.

This also applies to attempts to stop the military escalation on the part of Russia near the borders of Ukraine.

“The paradox is that this can be achieved only with a single goal – refusal to appease him (Putin – ed.). Any attempt to make concessions to him (even rhetorically) only leads to an escalation” – Feigin said.

He recalled a recent telephone conversation between U.S. President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

“So they somehow tried to start talking. In particular, discussed Moscow’s demands for “red lines” to not expand NATO eastward at the expense of Ukraine and Georgia, and so on. The Americans publicly made some gestures in this direction, suggested something, wanted to discuss it. And Moscow only started to move further. And the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Ryabkov generally stated that we also have a military response if the agreements do not come true. That is, it turns out the other way around – we must not give in” – the Russian politician gave an example.

Feigin stressed that any concessions to Moscow lead to subsequent pressure from its side.

“Concessions lead to the next pressure. They believe that since they went for it, then even more can be done. Now, if you understand this strategy, then you just need to act in the opposite way. You need to demonstrate strength. Especially taking into account the ongoing rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of the West – the Bayraktars, modern anti-tank weapons, etc.” – he stressed.

Earlier Ukraine’s defense minister Reznikov said that the strategy “not to provoke Russia” will not work.

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