Anti-sabotage defense of the national fleet of Ukraine has passed a full inspection (PHOTOS)


During the year, Ukraine launched an anti-sabotage defense of the national fleet, during which the military worked out new ways and methods of searching for submarine saboteurs and using weapons against them. During this time, it has passed full testing.

This was reported by UA with reference to the press service of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted an instructor-methodical lesson “Organization of anti-submarine sabotage defense of bases” at the Odessa base and the Black Sea water area.

The event was held under the direct leadership of Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, Commander of the Ukrainian Navy. Classes were held with division commanders, chiefs of staff and flotilla leadership.

“The main purpose of the event was to discuss with division commanders problematic issues related to the organization of anti-sabotage defense of the Ukrainian Navy and ways to solve them. Such training is extremely useful. For example, based on the results of last year’s instructor-methodical lesson, a corresponding decision was made on changes in the system of anti-sabotage defense of the national fleet. In a year it has passed full approbation. I hope that as a result of these exercises we will also receive real proposals to improve anti-sabotage defense” – said the Admiral.

During the classes, the heads of units were shown the procedure for performing the tasks of anti-submarine-sabotage defense of bases. New ways and methods of searching for underwater saboteurs and using weapons against them were also considered.

“We have created several study groups. They took turns moving from one training place to another, where they were shown the work of calculations at the posts on the coverage of surface and underwater conditions, diving and water posts and coastal patrol. As well as the order of work of the PPDO post of the base, decision-making by the commander when the situation changes, the order of use of weapons in modern conditions” – said the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Captain First Rank Yuri Fedash.

To remind, the Air Force of Ukraine has completed the task of air strikes on the enemy at the Shyroky Lan and Kyiv-Oleksandrivsky landfills.

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