Andrzej Duda presents his view on just peace in Ukraine to Xi Jinping while on visit to China

Andrzej Duda and Xi Jinping. Photo: Kancelaria Prezydenta/X

Polish President says he spoke on a matter Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and security in Europe in detail during a 4-hour meeting with China’s Xi Jinping.

The official X channel for the President of the Republic of Poland stated this.

According to Duda, he explained Poland’s view on the war in Ukraine as well as elaborated on historical background on it, and China ‘heard’ him. Xi Jinping reiterated that his state pursues peace.

“We want peace in the world. We are concerned about the war that Russia is waging in Ukraine. We hope that this will end in a just peace as soon as possible,” Polish President previously appealed to the Chinese government.

The leader of Poland also reported that several essential bilateral economic agreements had been signed, one of them must enable export of Polish poultry to China.

Andrzej Duda also mentioned he would like to discuss the Belarus border crisis with Xi. However, no claims on that matter have been made yet.

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