Analysis: ‘Twitter Diplomacy’ is Not the Way to Go

Photo Twitter

In an incredible series of tweets on April 11th, Donald Trump went from displaying a desire to help the Russian economy and calling for unity to warning Moscow that despite their efforts, missiles are coming to Syria anyway.

What the US President has done since his election is not only turning his Twitter feed into a legitimate and raw source of information, he also has changed the way people seek information regarding the most powerful office in the world. From now on, official White House correspondents are not alone on the front row of news coming out of the oval office – the entire world is.

Everybody has already gotten used to Donald Trump’s impulsive reactions on Twitter, and this is not the only instance where international diplomacy was dealt with on Twitter by the current US President. However, this case bears all the signs of a critical situation that might need more than 140 characters to be solved.

International diplomacy is all about inter-reliability between actors, and if Vladimir Putin – or any major leader – cannot rely on Donald Trump because of his unpredictable temper and his uncontrollable Twitter rants, it inevitably puts the world in a graver danger than it should be.

The current leader of the United States will need to demonstrate much more discretion and self-control for the situation in Syria not to spin out of control – because if one can easily delete a Tweet that he or she regrets, international diplomacy works quite differently.