“Ammunition for Ukraine: how the EU is solving the issue of producing a sufficient number of layers,” the expert said.

155 caliber shells. Photo: ap.org

The insufficiently rapid provision of ammunition to Ukraine by its allies is due to organizational problems. Military expert Valery Ryabykh spoke about this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

“First of all, organizational problems are on the agenda. Even the redistribution of the same resources that were, say, the same contracted volumes that are produced at enterprises in European countries for consumers in third countries – it would be possible to carry out additional work on each of the contracts and convince the buyer, in whose interests these contracts are being carried out, to At this stage, give up the queue and slightly delay this contract. And in parallel, of course, it was necessary to quickly make a decision to increase production and, accordingly, the creation of stimulants,” says Ryabykh.

In his opinion, such stimulants for business could be a guaranteed allocation of funds and securing orders for a long period of 5 years.

“Now this process has begun… And now we see that the same private companies in Western Europe, they saw their, let’s say, maneuver in this matter and their profit for the future,” the expert said.

Ryabykh noted that companies are now buying out those production facilities that have remained inoperative since the Cold War. At the same time, the problem of ensuring technological cycles became urgent.

“In Europe there is a very acute shortage of explosives, gunpowder for filling ammunition, also certain elements that can be used in the same production of initiating substances, which are also used for the production of detonator caps for ammunition, and many other components,” the expert said.

He added that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Europeans began to be negligent about security issues, but now the situation is leveling out.

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Earlier, military-political expert Dmitry Snegirev said that Ukraine, through the efforts of the entire West, could receive up to 1 million ammunition in 2024.