A tough package of measures to deter Russian aggression is being prepared in the EU – Kuleba

Photo mfa.gov.ua

European diplomats are preparing a tough package of measures to deter Russia in the event of an invasion in Ukraine.

This was announced by Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, UA  informs.

The Foreign Minister clarified that this was the main topic of the two-day talks in Riga and Stockholm.

The measures will come in three parts, but the final version, according to Kuleba, is still being developed.

“The first direction is a clear communication through all channels that the military operation on the territory of Ukraine will have irreparable consequences for Russia. The second is development of a sanctions package that will be applied immediately if Russia succeeds in the military operation: sanctions for it will be very tough. And the third direction is deepening of military-technical cooperation with Ukraine to strengthen our defense capabilities” – said the Minister.

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