A new wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation: the journalist called the signs of preparation for the call of Russians to the war in Ukraine

Despite statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin that no mobilization is planned in Russia, preparations for it are in full swing. This was announced on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by Russian opposition journalist Michael Naki.

According to him, Putin cannot be trusted because he will never tell the truth.

“Believing Putin is not respecting yourself. Even before the first wave of mobilization, he said that there would be no mobilization, and his press secretary Dmitry Peskov, literally a week before the first mobilization, until September 20, said that no mobilization was being prepared and there could be no talk of it. Therefore, of course, there is no faith in Vladimir Putin, and his words should not be taken at all as any part of the arguments for or against the fact that there will be mobilization or not, ”Naki said.

He drew attention to the fact that when speaking about the fact that a new mobilization is not being prepared, Putin said “today”. One of the signs of the impending mobilization, he called the preparation of military registration and enlistment offices in Russia for a large amount of work.

“According to Ukrainian intelligence reports and various media reports, the military registration and enlistment offices have been told they have a lot of work to do in January and February,” the journalist said.

Naki also noted propaganda videos that say that those men who left the Russian Federation are not real, but the real ones remained in the country.

“These are the same boys who will also leave, however, in a coffin – this is not mentioned in the advertisement. All this media activity indicates that the mobilization is still being prepared,” he says.

Another sign, according to the journalist, is indicated by foreign intelligence data that Russia is going to go on the offensive in the spring, which means that manpower will be needed.

“Finally, one more mobilization is needed, especially since it has not stopped, so even a new decree will not be required,” he added.

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