A meeting of the Multilateral Coordination Platform of Donors in Support of Ukraine was held: the main results from Brussels

Illustrative screenshot: uatv.ua.tv

42 billion dollars is the minimum that Ukraine needs next year to restore energy, critical infrastructure and damaged housing. Money will also be needed for demining and social projects. In order to define in more detail the sector of necessary support and coordinate assistance, the main donors of Ukraine gathered in Brussels (Belgium) today, September 26, FREEDOM reports.

Ukraine will not remain without international financial support in the face of Russian aggression. These are the results of the meeting of the Multilateral Coordination Platform of Donors in Support of Ukraine.

Announcing this meeting, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal admitted that in 2024, Ukraine needs no less help than in the current one, which is about 42 billion dollars. The main directions for financing are energy, humanitarian demining, reconstruction of housing, critical and social infrastructure, and assistance to the private sector.

“Now we have a big question regarding the critical financing of energy, defense and infrastructure facilities in general. So this is what allows us to continue the war and what allows us to rebuild the economy. These are the two most important areas that need to be financed. The second issue is to plan such expenses not in such terms as it is happening now, but to do it faster,” said the head of the Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Mustafa Nayem.

Urgent financing needs for the recovery of Ukraine remain at the level of up to 15 billion dollars. Not all of these needs were funded this year. In this way, the necessary expenses are transferred to the next year.

“It is necessary to discuss with partners the possibility of forming a single map of reforms. That is, to bring the requirements for receiving financial aid from various donors to a single instrument and reform plan for Ukraine, which will be implemented by our state on the way to the EU,” Shmyhal noted.

Back in June, European Union officials talked about plans to allocate 50 billion euros for Ukraine over the next 4 years. Also, 20 billion euros were going to be spent on the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine.

“We have already approved aid to Ukraine for 2023, as you know, we are sending 1.5 billion euros to Ukraine per month in order to support the activities of social services and services,” said the press secretary of the European Commission, Eric Mamer.

In addition, the European Union continues to support Ukraine now.