65 Afghan citizens have applied for refugee status in Ukraine

Photo: OP

Already 65 Afghan citizens of those evacuated by Ukraine have applied for refugee status in the country.

UA reports this with reference to the press secretary of the Assistant Chairman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko in a comment to UNN agency.

“Those flights that provided evacuation of citizens from Afghanistan under the auspices of the state leadership (in total, during the last week and a half there were three flights – August 16 and two more flights past weekend), in total, if we talk about the category of Afghan citizens, 65 citizens of this country filed applications for refugee status at the state border of Ukraine” – Andriy Demchenko said.

Some of the Afghan citizens who had the opportunity flew to other countries.

If we talk about citizens of Ukraine, in three flights more than 50 people managed to return home from Afghanistan. In addition, among the citizens of Afghanistan who arrived on these flights were members of the families of Ukrainian citizens who flew home, the spokesman added.

By the way, the United States is grateful to Ukraine for evacuating people from Kabul.

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