400-Years-Old Sunken Ship Found Close to Portugal

Photo from allbooking.com.ua

Close to the Portuguese coast, archaeologists found the wreckage of an ancient sunken merchant ship. It’s believed to be some 400 years old.

Historians are calling the discovery one of the best in the last decade. Fragments of the ship were found 12 meters below the water’s surface, near the city of Cascais, near Lisbon, BBC reported. 

Together with the ship wreckage, in the sand, Chinese porcelain from the late XVI – early XVII century was found, along with bronze cannons, and cowries shellfish, which once were used as a currency in the Indian Ocean.

That’s why archaeologists believe that the ship was on its way back from India and sank between 1575-1625.

Portugal’s Minister of Culture Luis Mendez said that the mouth of the Tagus River, where the wreckage was found, is famous for its sunken ships.