2024 and 2025 will be difficult for diplomacy in the matter of assistance to Ukraine, – opinion

Igor Burakovsky. Photo: ukrinform.com

Elections in 40 countries and the rise of right-wing conservatism in Europe will influence the provision of aid to Ukraine. Ukrainian diplomats have a difficult job to do, firstly, to convince them of the need for support, and, secondly, of the effectiveness of its use. Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consulting Igor Burakovsky stated this on air at FREEDOM.

“2024 and 2025 will be quite difficult in terms of our international diplomacy. During this period, approximately 40 countries will hold elections. This includes the USA, the Russian Federation, and many of the countries with which we are currently connected. We should not discount the fact that today in the European Union and in other countries there is a rise of, I would say, right-wing conservatism, when in international affairs one’s shirt is closer to the body,” comments the guest on the broadcast.

In such conditions, in his opinion, Ukraine should concentrate on two positions.

“We must convince and show the need for assistance in protecting, I would say, the global principles of democracy with all the ensuing consequences. On the other hand, we must show how effectively we can use this assistance. This is the second problem that we don’t talk about much today. We can get, relatively speaking, a trillion dollars tomorrow, but the question will arise: can we use this trillion effectively? By the way, these are not only issues related to corruption, these are generally issues of financial management,” Burakovsky explained.

In his opinion, Ukraine should offer partners new ways of understanding what is happening in the world.

“The report prepared by experts for the Munich Conference used a very interesting term. It was said there: if earlier we talked about globalization as a driver of economic development, today we are talking about the fact that we must develop globalization from the point of view of ensuring our security. And if we focus specifically on security in the modern world, then, I think, the ideological approaches on the part of our partners will change,” said the chairman of the board of the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consulting.

He also emphasized that Ukrainian diplomacy should be differentiated and multipolar.

“The more actively we act in the international direction, the better we demonstrate that we are able to manage this money, we are able to implement all this more effectively, the more business trust will be in us, no matter how cynical it may sound,” added Igor Burakovsky.

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