High Temperature Records Set Around the Globe in July

Photo from golos.ua

The American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that in July 2018, at least 118 historic temperature records occurred around the globe.

According to Voice of America, last week, a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius was recorded in Japan, the highest temperature in history.

In the United States alone, high-temperature records were set in Massachusetts, Maine, Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, and Texas.

In Norway, Sweden, and Finland, the temperature was recorded above 32 degrees Celsius.

“We now have very serious evidence that global climate change has increased the extreme-situations likelihood, such as heat and heavy rain,” said a climate researcher at Stanford University, Noah Diffenbau.

Europe has suffered from the most deadly forest fires for more than a century, and in the west of the United States, major fires have burned dozens of homes and forced the evacuations of at least 37,000 Californians.