10 Ukrainian servicemen finish F-16 maintenance training, — Dutch Ministry of Defence

F-16 training for Ukrainian military personnel in the Netherlands. Photo: defensie.nl

Ten Ukrainian servicemen have completed training in the Netherlands in the maintenance of F-16 fighters.

The announcement was published on the official website of the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

The Netherlands has pledged at least 24 F-16s to Ukraine.

Now the country is providing all the necessary practice for soldiers who are to maintain the fighter jets. It is designed to make sure they will be able to handle all possible risks during F-16 flights.

According to the ministry, Ukrainian servicemen were taught to maintain all the fighter jet’s critical parts that are essential for the pilot, including helmets, oxygen systems and onboard parachutes.

It should be noted that the Netherlands is also a co-initiator of the European F-16 training center in Romania, where Ukrainian pilots were allowed to undergo training starting this summer.

On May 20, the Netherlands announced the provision of the YPR-765 BMP to Ukraine after the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting.

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